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Together day August 17 2018

Thank you for all of your effort and energy for the last 12 months. Thank you for the effort you put in to making our workplace safe. Thanks for making it an engaging workplace, where growth and change are possible. Thank you for volunteering and making sure our community is a better place because we’re a part of it.


Our Journey


Newcastle and Hunter Division

Join The Journey Launch night at NEX.

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Launch NighT Sizzle Reel

Red belt

Those who wear the red belt are the most dangerous fighters in any studio. They’re hungry, train hard, learn from each opportunity, but most importantly, they think like a challenger.

Black belts on the other hand become complacent, are slow to react and feel they have ‘arrived’ with no need to change.

Red belts consistently knock out complacent black belts.
If you are ever lucky enough to get that black belt, continue to think like a red.

Hang your red belt high on display and share its story.
Use it as a reminder of the challenger/underdog culture we need to drive in our workplace, and to constantly be better today than we were yesterday.
Email your red belt photos to 


For Winter, we want to ensure that all our staff who are not office based stay warm and toasty over the colder months.

From Service to PD, Parts to Support Staff, you will see a parade of Join The Journey Beanies on show.

We do things differently here. This is a Newcastle & Hunter Division initiative to support our Service teams and beyond, to give their head a cuddle.

To the lucky beneficiaries, wear these with pride and thank you for Joining the Journey.

To our office based staff, stay close to that heater!

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