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Hannah Weekes

Apprentice Mechanic

Join the journey

Participate. Dream big.



“A huge part of our journey towards becoming the best Automotive Dealer Group in Australia relies on our unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional and memorable experience. This applies to our customers, our manufacturers, our suppliers; in fact, everyone who chooses to do business with us. We don’t want to be average, we don’t want to be good or even one of the best. We want to be the best Automotive Dealer Group in Australia….

Bar none.


We’re on a journey of constantly trying to become better. The journey of being humble and
being open to learn, of being about experiences not just vehicles. The journey of employee participation and dreaming big, of being proud custodians of our heritage yet dreaming of what lies ahead and yet to achieve. The journey of being more than just cars. This is our journey. Let’s strap ourselves in…lets enjoy, let's participate and lets dream… let's Join The Journey”.


Edward Geschke

Brand Pillars

Participate. Dream Big.

It doesn’t matter what your job is, you are an integral part of a great team.

Our mantra is, ‘don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to succeed’.

And don’t be afraid to be the best you can be.

Check out these videos that profile some of our people.

Sean Hannaford

Business Management Graduate

Hannah Weekes

Apprentice Mechanic

Shayne Trinkler

General Manager, Parts

More than just cars.

Klosters have been part of the lives of the people in Newcastle and the Hunter region for over 84 years. And as part of our local community, we care and invest in the lives of our customers. After all, they are our mum’s and dad’s, our next-door neighbours and our best friends.


Meals On Wheels is a local charity which provides healthy, quality meals for those in the community who are unable to do so for themselves.


As part of our corporate responsibility as a leading business within the region, Klosters provide support to Meals On Wheels  through way of volunteers. Over 10% of our employees provide kitchen and driver support during working hours, preparing and delivering meals to homes three times a week. During 2017, we delivered over 6,000 meals making this wonderful local community service possible.


Together, we help by being the wheels behind Meals On Wheels.

We’re more than just cars.

We're about experiences, not just vehicles.

Customer Experience is about how we look, how we sound, how we feel and act – and most importantly - how that’s perceived by the customer.

It’s so much more than Customer Satisfaction. We don’t just want customers who are simply ‘satisfied’; we want customers who are excited, delighted, and who become advocates for our business. To achieve this, we must continue to improve, create real and tangible differences and deliver a superior form of customer service.

We’ll excite them by doing the little things that matter – the personal touches that tell the customer that we know them, we’ve heard them, and we CARE about the experience they have; not just when they BUY the car, but in every interaction we have afterwards. We go the extra mile and, simply, we care about them, not just ‘the sale’.

We’re not smoke and mirrors, we’re the bells and whistles. And every day, we’ll make sure we deliver the same exceptional standard of customer experience. It won’t be a ‘one off’ either; it will become ingrained in our service philosophy and applied to every interaction.

Henderson Family

Valued Customer, 8 Years

We’re custodians of our heritage, Dreaming of our future.

Today, the ever-changing automotive industry is shifting our perceptions of getting from A to B. It seems everything is moving faster and faster. The Parking assist vehicles are no longer on the drawing board. Autonomous self-driving vehicles, electric cars, and ride-and-share motoring are poised to become the norm in the not-too-distant future.


And with each innovation, come challenges that must be met. At A.P. Eagers we believe that it’s our heritage, experience, and expertise that will endow us with everything we need to get on top of the future – and stay there.


Rachel Gardner

18 Years

Group Finance Manager

“At AP Eagers, my management always ensures that I kick goals in my career as well as at home, because it makes us all better people.”

Shaun Sunerton

39 Years

Parts Manager

“Everything starts with attitude and respect with each other.”

Chris Mudge

30 Years

Parts Manager

“My job is to help our people be a success.”

Our Journey
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