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Community Partnerships


An extremely important part on our journey is the impact we make in our community. The impact we make must reach far beyond the bottom line. It’s an impact that must ensure our local community would be so disappointed if we weren’t here. 

In consultation with HR, all staff can contribute one full day of volunteering, on company time, to any charity within our community of your choice whether its homeless soup kitchens, local hospitals, fire brigades, the SES, Ronald McDonald house, laundry for the homeless.
We want and expect all of us to find at least one day per year to give to our community. Whether you choose to use your one day per year with one of our community partners, or a charity of your choice, we will ensure that our local community would be seriously disappointed if we weren’t here! 

Our organisation is already aligned with the Newcastle Region for Meals on Wheels delivering meals to those in need.

We delivered over 6,000 meals making this wonderful local community service possible.


One day per year, please donate your time to a Community Charity of your choice.



To lock in our Community Partnership with the RSPCA, we’d like to firstly get an idea of how many staff would like to volunteer their time with the RSPCA.

How can you help?

Any Questions?

For more information, contact our HR Department:



Human Resources

Greg Dagg (02) 4902 9742


Workplace Health and Safety

Kathy Clarkson (02) 4922 0585

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